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Work hard in silencelet the success make noise.

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Work until you don't have to introduce yourself

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Remember, regardless of what it is you do for the world. "When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless"

Sangeet Nath, a men’s physique and muscle model athlete by avocation and a senior personal trainer and transformation specialist by profession, is a certified fitness expert. He started his journey as a bodybuilder. His knowledge, experience, grounded nature and the hunger to learn makes him stand out in today’s competitive fitness world.

He has done his strength and conditioning certification and is a certified kettle bell and calisthenics and functional trainer.

His ambition is to bring awareness amongst people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, help others to achieve their fitness goals and create a distinct transformation of lives. Being a peoples person .he rules over the heart of many for his humbleness.

If being healthy and feeling and looking fit is your concern then look no beyond because you have reached your destination.



Year - 2017
  • Runner up in physique model in Asia's biggest fitness model competition "Bodypower fitfactor 2017"
  • Mr. India senior national 4th in Mens's Classic
  • 7th position in classic physique in Amatuer Olympia 2017
Year - 2016
  • Participate in senior Mr India men’s physique fitness model
  • Jerai classic muscle model runners up
  • Body power fit factor runners up
Year - 2015
  • 1 time state runners up overall
Year - 2014
  • 3 time state champion in 75kg
  • 1 time runners up in state overall

Year - 2013
  • 4 time district overall Champion in Body Building
  • 4 time state Champion in 70kg
  • 2 time state overall Champion in Height Category
  • Junior Mr India 3rd in 70kg

Training Plans


  • Customised Nutrition Plan (veg/non-veg/vegan)
  • Customised Workout Plan with cardio and mobility
  • Customised Supplementation Plan
  • Weekly checking to monitor your start/middle/end progress
  • Constant motivation, guidance and support


  • Day-to- day customised nutrition and workout plan for your need
  • Weekly checking to monitor your start/middle/end progress
  • Constant motivation, guidance and support


  • Fat loss is an integral part of your fitness goal. Hence it needs to be dealtwith proper guidance as losing fat is not the same as losing weight


  • Personalised nutrition and supplementation plan to help lower estrogen level in your body
  • Personalised exercises targeting MAN BREASTS REDUCTION
  • Constant motivation, guidance and support


  • Get workout , nutrition and contest preparation training from Sangeet to excel in your next upcoming competition

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mukesh jaiswal

Sangeet Nath has been my personal trainer for a more than two year .The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Sangeet's perfect combination ....

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Nitin Jain

After failing to achieve any of my fitness goals for the first two years due to lack of proper planning, motivation, inspiration and regularity I....

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bonophool pal

In the last one year u have really helped me to attain fitness and loose weight in spite of me being unable to do leg exercises due to my knee replacements... Your tips regarding diet has been extremely valuable to me. Thanks for being my guidance and motivation.

pranay mukherjee

1st of all i would like to say that when i started my training with this person , i had 60kg bodyweight in a height almost 5'10" .before that i tried many way....

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naushina taskeen

I joined gold gym in May 2015 for weight loss under Sangeet sir, after my first class I knew he was a person that could help me. I started training with 94kgs ....

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Shahnawaz Hussain

It has been a wonderful experience training under Mr. Sangeet Nath. He has been a guide, mentor, very strict trainer, brother, friend. A massive transformation ....

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